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Product Name:
Blue Gel Wings
Single Wing: £3.00
Blue Gel Wings are for mult-patient use, wipe clean and refreeze for many uses.
Perfect with Buzzy® or as an ice pack for first-aid. Each wing will stay solid
approximately 5 minutes after freezing, re-freeze in 30 minutes. Replacement
pack of 10 also available. Save the planet - buy reusable!
10 Wing Pack: £25.99
Product Name: Disposable
White Ice Wings
10 Pack: £2.25
Buzzy® comes with Blue Gel Wings and two sample disposable White Ice Wings.
The wings are shipped dry; add 3 teaspoons (15 ml) tap water to the soft side
before freezing. During use, face either soft (less cold) or smooth (colder) side to
skin. White Ice Wings are latex-free and reusable for the same person and should
not be shared due to infection control concerns. Ideal for longer procedures or
one-time use. Buy in bulk and save! 10-packs and 100-packs are available.
100 Pack: £21.99
Product Name: AAA Size
Replacement Batteries
2 Pack: £0.99
Buzzy® is supplied with batteries already fitted. When these need replacing just
undo the three small screws on the back of buzzy, remove the old batteries then
replace the two batteries with correct polarity as indicated inside Buzzy. Finally
replace the back and tighten up the screws, taking care not to over tighten them.
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Product Name: Softies
Single Wing: £2.85
10 Wing Pack: £24.99
Choose your chill! These reversible wings have a soft white side for those who
are sensitive to cold. Reusable for single user, available in Red or Blue.
(Please note: As the white side cannot be cleaned, Softies cannot be shared
between users.)
All orders will be dispatched within 14 - 21 days
For use with Original Buzzy
For use with Original Buzzy
Available in Blue or Red