Buzzy taking the sting out of injections
Carlie aged 4 3/4
Amelia aged 8
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Reviews and Testimonials from customers who use Buzzy.
Carlie is type 1 diabetic, she was diagnosed when she was 18 months old. she is currently having 5 injections per day. She is so pleased with Buzzy she asked to give you a big thank you. Hopefully the novelty will wear off with the Kazoo but as long as she is happy that all that counts.

Robert Lamb
After months of searching for a way of making daily injections less stressful and painful for our young daughter with type 1 diabetes we eventually found the answer with Buzzy.

Amelia uses Buzzy every day and wont
Bee without it. The difference it makes is amazing."

Les, father of Amelia.
My daughter has two injections a week for JIA (arthritis) and has bloods
taken every 4 weeks. Like you this has changed our lives. She no longer
lives in fear of injections and even surprises the nurses at our local hospital
by using Buzzy for her blood tests.

Thank you so much for bringing this to the UK and well done.

Mum to Kayleigh 5 years old who has Polyarticular Juvenille arthritis.
Carlie and Buzzy
Hi all, Buzzy arrived yesterday so we used it for last nights MTX
injection. Its fantastic! She didnt feel a thing and thinks its great.
Emily really liked Buzzy and even didnt mind the cool pack
wings, which surprised me as usually she wont let me go near
her with cool packs for swelling. She didnt notice the injection
and afterwards we couldnt find the spot to put the plaster,
normally there is a mark/blood spot, I guess thats the cool pack

Anne Hall, Mum to Emily
Our Buzzy arrived yesterday and we have tried it
for both injections and bloods WOW its amazing!!

Amy normally has Ametop numbing cream and
cold spray and didn't need either with Buzzy and
didn't flinch when the needle went in.

I highly recommend it and the Hospital was
impressed too.

Kelly Rendall, Mum to Amy
Amy and Buzzy
I ordered a buzzy from to see how this would help my 3 year old
son who has type 1 diabetes, and has to have 4 insulin injections a day (in his bum).

I would definitely recommend this to any parent or child to use who are having regular
daily injections.
It says on product "Buzzy taking the sting out of shots" and it certainly does this.
Both myself and Harry are happy using this product.

Jenny and Harry Potter
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My little girl went from having cannula changes easily to me having to practically sit on her to do it. She
became so frightened, I bought a 'Buzzy' best money ever spent! I'm considering buying another to keep
for out and about in case I'm away from home and things go wrong as I can't get near her now without

She loves him, kisses him and says "thank you Buzzy" after every change!! And she says, I don't cry
anymore mummy, it definitely works.

Jennifer Melvin - Mum to Sophie
Sophie and Buzzy
lHi Beccy

The Buzzy arrived in time for his cannula and it was amazing! The doctors that deal with him
had never seen one before and weren't convinced it would make a difference but they couldn't
believe it when they saw a boy that screams, kicks and has to be pinned down just sit there
and not even flinch while they put it in!! I will be using it all the time now.

Thank you so much for sending it so quick.

Lizzie Pinches
My 11 year old daughter is delighted with her Buzzy! She's
had diabetes since she was 11 months old. She's been on a
pump for almost 4 years & struggles with inserting
cannulas. She says buzzy really helps!

Kelly Avila
P.S. I found out about Buzzy from the flyer handed out at
the Diabetes UK Big Event.
Honor was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis at 16 months, and always amazed us with how
brilliantly she coped with her routine bloods and weekly injections, that is, until she had to have a
necessary break from her medication for a couple of months to establish whether or not she had
outgrown the disease.

Unfortunately, this was not the case, and her medication had to be reintroduced.

Honor felt very sad about this, and seemed as a result to develop an aversion to needles, causing
herself and her family much distress. During this time, she was referred to a Play Therapist, who was
extremely helpful and the situation did improve. However, regrettably, her anxieties returned after
which nothing seemed to help.

As a result, I decided to do some research and discovered your website and Buzzy.........
WOW, in
Honor's own words "it's awesome", she says it has "helped a million", she doesn't feel a thing, and
loves the carry bag and flashcards.
Honor can't wait to show Buzzy off at the hospital on her next routine visit for bloods.Life in the Byrne household, is definitely a lot calmer due to Buzzy, so from
a very grateful family, thank you for the wonderful Buzzy, and for making him available in the UK. Best regards & unlimited thanks - Gran, Jean
Honor with Buzzy
Dear Beccy!

For one more time I want to thank you for the collaboration! I have just
received the buzzy and I am very happy! I can see that it was even
better than mine! I am sure our pediatrician will love it as my son does!
Keep on the good work! Maybe I'll buy more in the future!

Thanks again
Kind regards
Hi Beccy

I am over the moon! We used the buzzy yesterday, along with copious
amounts of Emla cream and successfully got the Hep A shot in! Now my
son can go to Egypt as planned! A huge relief so I am delighted!

Best wishes

Hi Beccy,

Hope you are well.

I just wanted you to know what a great product we think Buzzy

You will probably remember our conversations from earlier in the
year regarding my son Daniel who has Cystic Fibrosis. He had
become needle phobic after enduring numerous painful IV
procedures and blood tests. Well, Daniel has put Buzzy to the
test three times over the past month (2 blood tests and 1
injection), and what a difference Buzzy has made.
At his most recent Blood test yesterday Daniel could even bear
to watch as the phlebotomist made several attempts to locate
the vein. He didn't feel a thing. THANK YOU Buzzy!

Kind Regards
Fiona Hampton
Hi Beccy

Thanks so much!

I had my injection today and having bought the one you recommended, I was really
happy with it. I used it with EMLA cream for extra confidence and I walked in and
had the injections with no problem. I didn't feel it at all which was great - it provided
the kind of physical distraction that was exactly what I was looking for. For a
long-term phobic like me who has had CBT and psycho therapy for my fear, I'm
hoping I can use Buzzy with confidence in future.

Really great to have found you. I have recommended Buzzy to many friends already
& plan to use him for routine injections for my baby twins too.

Thanks again

Lily-Mae was in hospital for her monthly blood tests & physical exam this morning. As you can imagine,
bloods are never easy, but the little bee in her hand is called Buzzy & he helps. He's a vibrating bee with
wings made of ice & works to block the pain. We certainly feel it helps & wish we'd found it two years ago!

Lily-Mae Morrison was diagnosed on the 1st June 2012 with a rare form of cancer called Neuroblastoma
which effects 1 in 100,000 children in Ireland.
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