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Accessories for Buzzy

Distracton tools and other accessories designed to enhance and help with the use of Buzzy and Ladybuzz during drug free pain relief procedures.

Bee Stractor Cards

Cows Beestractors

Cow Series Bee Stractors

Monkeys Beestractors

Monkey Series Bee Stractors

Frogs Beestractors

Frog Series Bee Stractors

Fairies Beestractors

Fairytale Series Bee Stractors


Distraction can reduce pain by up to 50%, often better than medical pain relief. 

These five brightly colored cards on a snap ring, with age-specific questions make Mum, Dad, or staff able to distract like a pro! These focus cards give the right complexity and task variety with no training needed! Counting and finding tasks provide great distraction for all ages.

Simply flip a card toward your child and ask the age-appropriate question on the back. Cards are 2" x 3.5" in size.

Cow Series: £6.25

Monkey Series: £6.25

Frog Series: £6.25

Temporarily Out Of Stock

Fairytale Series: £6.25

Temporarily Out Of Stock

Buzzy Bravery Stickers

Buzzy Bravery Stickers

Bravery Stickers - 100 Pack

Buzzy Bravery Stickers

Bravery Stickers - 6 Different Rewards

Bravery StickersBravery Stickers

100 Assorted brightly coloured stickers.
Our bravery stickers come in six different styles

Patience, Awesome, Bravery, Helper, Humour, Cool

Buzzy Bravery Stickers- 100 Pack: £5.99