Buzzy taking the sting out of injections
Buzzy can help with Blood Glucose Testing
Buzzy can help with Splinters and First Aid
Buzzy can help with Insulin Injections
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Buzzy® for Blood Samples
Buzzy® for Blood Glucose
Buzzy® for First Aid
Buzzy® for Insulin Injections
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What is Buzzy®?

Buzzy® uses natural pain relief by confusing your body's own nerves and distracting attention away from
the poke, thereby dulling or eliminating sharp pain. In the same way that rubbing a bumped elbow helps
stop the hurt, or cool running water soothes a burn, Buzzy® bypasses sharp pain.

Buzzy Helps Needle Pain!
Buzzy® is of course just as suitable for adults as it is for children and you can get Buzzy® in a plain black design as well as the familiar happy buzzing bee.
There are lots of additional distraction tools to go with Buzzy® and replacements and spares too, all availble in the shop. Please take time to investigate
Buzzy® further, and while there is lots of information here, please feel free to contact us for any help or queries you may have about Buzzy®.
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Buzzy® Can Be Used For:-
Immunisations - From the age of 2 months, children will need a series of routine Vaccinations, for more information visit the NHS website.
Travel Immunisations - For children and adults who need extra immunisations when travelling abroad, more information can be found on the NHS website.
Type 1 Diabetes - For Insulin injections, Blood Glucose tests and Cannula changes when using an Insulin pump. A child needing four Insulin injections each
Developed by a pediatritian, Buzzy® is a reusable device for minor aches and pains, stings, splinters or injections at home. Just press on the skin to rapidly
reduce sharp pains. Buzzy also comes in a handy travel bag allowing you to take it with you to your doctors surgery or hospital appointments. Buzzy is CE
day would have approximately 1,456 injections in just one year.
Juvenile Arthritis, Polyarticular, Idiopathic, Oglio - For Humira, Methotrexate and Etanercept injections. For more information Arthritis Research UK
Growth Hormone Deficiency - For children who need daily injections of synthetic human growth hormone (somatropin). For more information visit
Chemotherapy - For PEG injections following Chemotherapy treatment. For more information Macmillan Cancer Support.
Child Growth Foundation.
Dentistry - For injections and the sensitive parts of dental cleaning at your dentist, see our FAQ section for more information.
Who Has Buzzy - Hospitals, Doctors Surgeries, Clinics and home users. For more information see Who Has Buzzy?