Buzzy taking the sting out of injections
Rebecca Woodland - UK Distributor of Buzzy
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About - by Rebecca Woodland
Hi , I am Beccy, I am 50 years old and
have lived in Bristol all my life. I am
married and have two children, Amelia and Archie.
This is the story behind Buzzy UK.

In October 2010 we were on holiday with family and friends when I noticed Amelia was drinking and eating far more than all the other children. On our return I
took her to our GP who performed a simple blood test, and I was told to take Amelia straight to Bristol Children's Hospital.
This is when our lives changed forever. Amelia was admitted with type 1 diabetes. The next few days were like a whirlwind, lots of information from doctors,
nurses and dieticians.

After a few days when Amelia had recovered and my husband and I had learned how to inject her we were allowed to take her home. At first Amelia seemed to
cope but after a while the twice daily injections became too much for her and she would cry as it hurt. This was awful for her and for us as parents to go

We began to search for a method to relieve the pain and spent a lot of money on Anaesthetic sprays. During a visit by our Diabetes Nurse Helen she mentioned
that one of of her students had seen Buzzy being used and perhaps we should give it a try.

We went onto the website and read all about it, "This sounds great" I said to my husband, so we ordered it. As soon as it arrived we tried it out, the result was
unbelievable, "I didn't feel it" said Amelia. No tears, no stress, WOW. So from then on Buzzy became part of our daily routine.

We were so pleased with Buzzy we thought others should hear about it. The only problem was that it had to come from America, which took a couple of weeks
and involved expensive import duties and delivery charges.

We then decided to contact Buzzy4shots in America to see if we could distribute it in the UK and they said yes. And that's how Buzzy UK began.

Any parent who has to inject their child, or watch their child being injected knows how distressing it is. I am sure Buzzy will be able to help you too.

Please feel free to contact me with your own stories and experiences with Buzzy
Best wishes to you all

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