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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase BUZZY products from the website?

We use PayPal to process your online orders securely, this means you can pay by credit or debit card, or if you have a PayPal account you can use that too. We also take cheques or bank transfer.

Do I need a PayPal account to purchase BUZZY products from the website?

No. When you follow the checkout procedure, you will be taken to a page asking you to either login to your paypal account if you have one, or to click continue to enter your card details securely as you would on a site that does not use PayPal. If you do have a PayPal account the process is a little quicker.

How can I purchase BUZZY products from the website using a Cheque?

To pay by Cheque, please email us stating what items you would like to purchase. We will email you back an Invoice with all the details including the shipping charges due. Then if your happy to continue just post a cheque to the address on the invoice and we will ship your order as soon as the funds are clear.

How can I purchase BUZZY products from the website by Bank transfer?

To pay by Bank transfer, just go to the contacts page and send us an email request asking to pay by bank transfer and the products you wish to purchase along with the delivery address. We can then email you an invoice with the correct bank details and product details including shipping etc. Once you have made the transfer the goods will be shipped.


Orders placed before 3PM Monday to Friday will be dispatched the same day - providing the item is in stock. Delivery within the UK is by Royal Mail second class recorded delivery. Delivery to Ireland is by Royal Mail Tracked and Signed for. Orders under £35.00 are shipped for FREE, Orders above £35.00 are £1.99. Please note that you the customer are responsible for any import/custom charges. If you require Buzzy urgently please contact us for special delivery options. This will incur an extra charge. For orders outside of the UK and Ireland please consult our International Page for a supplier in your country. If you are unable to find a supplier for your country, please Email us. 

Does Buzzy really eliminate pain?

No, well at least not for everyone. We say Buzzy reduces or blocks, which is true for almost everyone. So far we have found about 3% of people for whom Buzzy does nothing, and about 15% where people don't feel a thing. In our IV trial, on average, Buzzy decreased pain by half. Interestingly, in our adult trial we found that the more afraid of needles someone is, the better Buzzy works. Buzzy® uses the gate control theory and has been proven effective for IV starts in children ages 4+. Find out more about the Gate Control Theory.

Does Buzzy have LATEX anywhere?

No, there is no LATEX in Buzzy anywhere and no LATEX in the wings either.

What kind of Batteries does Buzzy need?

Buzzy operates on two AAA size batteries. Depending on the model you are using, They are fitted by removing either the three screws or the single screw on the back of Buzzy, then you insert the batteries according to the polarity indicated inside the case then replace the back and tighten up the screws. You can get replacement batteries in our shop too.

What are BEE-Stractors?

Bee-Stractors (formerly known as "Flippits") are colourful cards with finding and counting tasks, providing natural pain relief by pulling attention away from procedures. Bee-Stractors can fit inside the slot in Buzzy's tummy, although if kids' coping mechanism is to watch the procedure then you should let them do so.

Do I really need to use the ice pack?

The cold adds about 60% of the pain relief in older children and adults. So, yes, use the ice pack unless it bothers the child (usually younger than 2 years) or if there is a sensitivity to cold. The white wings have a soft side that children might like better than the shiny side or the blue wings.

Unless there is a sensitivity to cold, Raynaud's or sickle cell disease, Buzzy works better with ice. They MUST be frozen solid for best effect, but can be held in a hand rather than at the site.

How long does it take for the wings to re-freeze?

The Blue Gel Wings will freeze solid in about 30 minutes in a good freezer.

How long do wings stay frozen?

The Blue Gel Wings stay frozen about 10 minutes at room temperature.

Do the wings need to be frozen solid?

Yes. Otherwise, the squishy absorbs the vibration, and you lose out on descending inhibitory control.

We are a large hospital or charitable organisation. Can we get a discount?

We give a 10% discount when you buy 100+ and 5% when you buy 50. You didnt even have to haggle!

Can we have a free sample?

No, we cannot offer free samples of Buzzy as it is an affordable item and many surgeries/clinics would only need one Buzzy anyway. We will refund your money if you are not completely satisfied with Buzzy. It is reusable, cleanable and affordable. You can return Buzzy if you or your child falls in the 3% of non-responders. We give 100% refunds within one month for "I don't like it", and for one year if Buzzy malfunctions in normal use.

Can Buzzy be used at the Dentist?

Yes. Vibration travels better through hard body parts (bone) than soft (fat), so placing Buzzy directly on the maxilla (upper jaw bone) or mandible (lower jaw) closer to the ear than the middle of the face helps. Buzzy's vibration is strong, and the ice pack should be frozen for the most intense blocking, so make sure you or your patients experiment with Buzzy first for a few seconds to get used to the BUZZ and cold. As with any needle procedure, leave Buzzy in place during the injection; Buzzy works in the same way that cold running water soothes a burn.

Is Buzzy CE approved?

YES, Buzzy was awarded CE approval in October 2011 - good for you Buzzy.

Can Buzzy be used with zomajet?

Buzzy works for any sort of a-delta mediated pain; Since buzzy is simply vibration and cold, it works to decrease any of the sensations Downstream.

Downloadable Resources

NHS Pre-Acquisition Questionnaire (PAQ Form)

EU Declaration of Conformity (Buzzy)

EU Declaration of Conformity (Wings)